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Earth Science

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A Hermione, I’m a bookworm, writer, and academic graduating with a PhD from Rice University’s Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences department, but with a love for volcanoes–a VolcaNerd! I’ve studied the hazards of volcanoes in Guatemala, visited Mt St Helens, and my recent research as an experimental petrologist investigated volcanic carbon dioxide emissions. You can also often find me erupting Diet Coke with Mentos, as I’m passionate about outreach and science communication.

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Volcanoes can kill thousands. We should pay closer attention to the moving earth beneath us

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Boiling clouds of ash and gas, moving 100 mph, pose a greater threat than lava, yet the world lacks volcano safety standards

Laura Carter

What ancient salt can tell us about life on Earth

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Scientists are finding more evidence about how our planet gained oxygen

Laura Carter

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Scientists recreated ancient Earth's ocean hell to figure out how life began

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The experiment also suggests that extraterrestrial life could also emerge on Mars, Europa, and Enceladus

Shi En Kim

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