Linda Evans


Macquarie University

I am an Associate Professor in Egyptology in the Department of History and Archaeology at Macquarie University, Sydney. I studied Classical Studies and Psychology at the University of Adelaide (1980) and completed an Honours degree in Psychology (1981) before working in the field of Biology in the United States (at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri; Rockefeller University, New York; and the University of California, Davis). After returning to Australia in 1993, I completed both an MA (1998) and PhD (2007) in Egyptology at Macquarie. My research reflects both my biological and archaeological expertise, with a focus on the relationship between humans and non-human animals in the ancient world as reflected in religious ideas, symbolism, philosophy, and especially art.

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Cicadas' shrieks have annoyed — and delighted — humans for thousands of years

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Historical records, science, and art from around the world mention their songs

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Linda Evans