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Kidwai Cancer Institute

Manisha is a Biotechnologist at the Kidwai Cancer Institute, Bangalore, India. At the age of 5, the word DNA and cloning from Jurassic Park caught her attention. And in her growing years, she resolved to study the concept in depth. Her current work revolves around the same, while she studies the influence of immune cells, particularly NK cells and immunoglobulins on different types of cancer. Earlier, she has worked on animal viruses, dealing with the development of diagnostic kits. And even now as a cancer biologist, she loves to speak about these notorious creatures. Beyond this, she is an avid animal, art, and environment lover.

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Instead of a colonoscopy, a new screen tests poop for colorectal cancer-related bacteria

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Testing for the bacterium Parvimonas micra in stool may present an alternative to a colonoscopy

Manisha Roy

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