Matthew Scult


Duke University

I'm a PhD student at Duke University, and I study what is going on in people's brains when they have depression or anxiety. I also study if there are clues in the brain about whether someone is likely to become depressed or anxious in the future. I hope to use this information to help improve our current mental health treatments and develop new treatments too.

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Opening Our Minds

In the 1940s, the possibility that drugs like LSD, psilocybin and MDMA could unlock and treat complex mental health disorders seemed near, but it took decades before work resumed on the study of the psychology, neuroscience, biochemistry and impact of these drugs. Now, we've assembled a team of neuroscientists, biochemists, clinicians and behavioral scientists to help you understand what we know today about the possibilities and risks of mental health treatment with psychedelic drugs.

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Can we make mental health diagnoses as routine as blood work?

My research team is searching the brain for clues

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