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Oceanography and Marine Science

University of California, Davis

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A 540 million year-old microscopic protist sex mystery is solved

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How tiny, shelled protists reproduce helps explain their strange evolutionary patterns

Meghan Zulian

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#BlackInMarineScienceWeek increases the visibility of Black marine scientists

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The week will showcase Black scientists from every imaginable marine science niche, with the goal of inspiring younger generations

Some seagrasses work harder than others to slow climate change

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Seagrass meadows lock "blue carbon" away in mud and sand

Ocean acidification will eat away at the shells of abalone and other economically important shellfish species

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Scientists uncover yet another negative impact of climate change on the world's oceans

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This is how climate change is reshaping the entire planet

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The ocean is acidifying, Western Europe will chill, crops will fail, and that's just the start

Elisa Bonnin

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The little mountain rivers that create the Amazon might soon be choked off

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Life depends on the minerals and sediment rivers carry down from the Andes

Jeremy Snyder

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