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University of Cambridge

I’m a PhD student in physics at University of Cambridge, investigating the magnetic and optical properties of new materials for applications in quantum technologies. Beyond research, I’m interested in the intersections between science, technology and society, as well as how policy can be used to enable positive change.

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Science has a garbage problem. Why aren't recycling schemes more popular?

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Research institutions need to reflect on their attitudes toward plastic waste and make sustainability a priority in laboratories

Simone Eizagirre

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A new scientific method plays tag to understand neutrinos

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Neutrinos are subatomic particles that scientists have puzzled over for decades

Celebrating lasers and photonics on the International Day of Light

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Innovations in harnessing light, from individual photons to laser beams, have revolutionized our world

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Your language brain matters more for learning programming than your math brain

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New research contradicts long held assumptions about coding

Amy R Nippert

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