Tareq Yousef

Dalhousie University

Tareq Yousef is a queer PhD student doing vision neuroscience research. When he’s not researching the fundamental neurobiological mechanisms of adaptation in the eye he’s like… “Am I gonna get a job?” Tareq co-hosts the No BS Nutrition Podcast, a weekly dose of nutrition science communication debunking your favourite fad diets and nutraceutical products, often from his neuroscience angle. (P.S. Apple cider vinegar does nothing). Read his neuroscience blog here and follow him on Twitter @TareqNeuro.

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Scientists put visions of letters in blind people's brains

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Stimulating the brain in specific ways can generate mental images of simple shapes

Meredith Schmehl

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Paralyzed man has sense of touch restored by brain-machine interface

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This is the first BMI to restore movement and touch simultaneously

Hayden Kee

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