Meredith Schmehl

Meredith Schmehl is a Neurobiology PhD student at Duke University, where she studies how monkeys integrate what they see and hear. Outside of the lab, she is active in science writing, policy, outreach, and multimedia projects.

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Emotion recognition isn't just about facial expressions and body language

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UC Berkeley researchers show that humans can guess how someone is feeling from context cues alone

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Your brain isn't the same in virtual reality as it is in the real world

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VR is widely used to study the brain, but it isn't the same as real life — and this has real-world consequences

Dori Grijseels

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Connecting brains to machines may let bacteria come along for the ride

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Brain-machine interfaces like Elon Musk's Neuralink have come a long way, but biological limitations remain

Amy Nippert

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You live in a mostly 2D world, but the map in your brain charts the places you've been in 3D

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Place cells in the brain light up in familiar places, both on the ground and climbing in the air

Dori Grijseels

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Feel like quitting? Blame your brain cells

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Understanding the biological mechanisms of “giving up” in fish may teach us about complex human behaviors

Claudia Lopez-Lloreda

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