Where does consciousness come from?

Watch the third episode of our animated Frankenstein series, Reanimation!

Produced in partnership with ASU Center for Science and the Imagination

Reanimation! is a seven-part series created by seven animation teams and 12 scientists, writers, engineers, physicists, and an archaeologist, on the lasting impact of Shelley’s famous work.

Each episode waxes poetic about different scientific, ethical, and philosophical domains and the lessons we’ve collectively learned from Dr. Frankenstein’s mistakes and triumphs.

In the third episode, A Spark of Consciousness, David Chalmers, renowned philosopher and cognitive scientist and Danbee Kim, a comparative neuroscientist, tease apart the complicated nature of behavior and its relationship to neural circuitry as well as the environment. What exactly makes us conscious and why? Animated by the amazing Rosanna Wan with sound by Skillbard.