Danbee Kim

Comparative Neuroscience

Champalimaud Foundation

I'm a comparative neuroscientist looking for general principles of intelligence. To do this I study both cuttlefish and human behavior, especially in the face of the unexpected.

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Why I refuse to do animal testing in my science career Read now →

Researchers must grapple with the tension between our curiosity and our duty

Does modern neuroscience really help us understand behavior? Read now →

Two experts argue that the field needs to move beyond its limited roots

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Why teamwork is better than attempting lone heroism in science Read now →

A story of failure, collaboration, and incredibly tiny medicine

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The furious pace of modern research is creating a gnarly statistics problem Read now →

The truth is a needle in an ever-growing haystack. Scientists need better statistical education to find it

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Aging is not the inexorable process we thought it was Read now →

Can we slow down aging and add decades to lives?

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Scientists have learned to grow brain tissue to 100x (just add water) Read now →

A new technique to expand cells seems like science fiction: it lets researchers bypass laws of microscope physics

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Scientists found an entire herpes virus genome hiding out in fish DNA Read now →

Researchers have made a bizarre discovery involving transposons, parasitic DNA found in fish (and humans)

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Biodiversity doesn't just arise out of healthy ecosystems. It helps create them Read now →

Why researchers are starting to think differently about biodiversity

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