Danbee Kim

Comparative Neuroscience

Champalimaud Foundation

I'm a comparative neuroscientist looking for general principles of intelligence. To do this I study both cuttlefish and human behavior, especially in the face of the unexpected.

How theater, startup culture, and business history helped us become better neuroscientists

The sciences would benefit enormously from applying lessons from art and business

Does modern neuroscience really help us understand behavior?

Two experts argue that the field needs to move beyond its limited roots

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Why teamwork is better than attempting lone heroism in science

A story of failure, collaboration, and incredibly tiny medicine

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The furious pace of modern research is creating a gnarly statistics problem

The truth is a needle in an ever-growing haystack. Scientists need better statistical education to find it

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Aging is not the inexorable process we thought it was

Can we slow down aging and add decades to lives?

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Scientists have learned to grow brain tissue to 100x (just add water)

A new technique to expand cells seems like science fiction: it lets researchers bypass laws of microscope physics

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Scientists found an entire herpes virus genome hiding out in fish DNA

Researchers have made a bizarre discovery involving transposons, parasitic DNA found in fish (and humans)

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Here's what happened when researchers raised monkeys who never saw a face

We may not be hardwired to recognize faces after all

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