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Scientists are untangling our bodies' genetic 'double-edged swords'

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When imperfectly duplicated, crucial brain proteins can go from growing intellect to causing mental illness

Katherine Basil

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Some brains are more susceptible to PTSD after trauma than others

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Everyone experiences trauma, but in some brains, PTSD arises where others aren't at as much risk

Claudia Lopez-Lloreda

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Testing drugs on stem cells in petri dishes may revolutionize our understanding of difficult-to-study diseases

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Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? This is even more exciting for ALS patients.

Carina Seah

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Neuroscience should take sex differences in the brain more seriously

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Diseases like Alzheimer's and schizophrenia manifest differently in men and women, and that's important to know

Aarthi Gobinath

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The medical jump from mice to humans just got easier

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Machine learning technology could help researchers determine what mouse data are useful when designing human clinical trials

Kimberly McCoy

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