Kira Goldenberg

Editorial Director

Kira has contributed to 2 reports

Massive Science Report № 2

Opening Our Minds

Join five scientists as they explain the research behind new psychedelic treatments for mental illnesses

Massive Science Report № 1

You Don't Know GMOs

We've gathered a team of geneticists, biologists, and environmental scientists to bring you the most up-to-date report on the science, history, and safety of genetically-modified organisms.

Kira has authored 5 articles

It turns out public engagement is good for your science career

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How Massive editorial has grown, and where we're going: reports!

Our consortium community is changing. What does that mean for

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The site will continue to operate as the world's best resource for science-curious people

Meet the 14 researchers who will help you think about climate science in new ways

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Our biggest cohort to date is full of exciting participants. We can’t wait for you to read their work – and use their expertise to help with your own