Luke Whitcomb

Physiology and Biomedical Sciences

Colorado State University

My name is Luke Whitcomb - I’m a second year Masters student at Colorado State University. My research focuses on the impact of muscle proteolysis on mitochondrial function (heart, liver, skeletal muscle) in hypoxic environments. My undergraduate background is in bio-energetics, exercise physiology and nutrient metabolism. I currently work for the One Health Institute at CSU.

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Your morning walk, no matter how far, can help you live longer

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Science says it's okay if you only get 15 minutes of exercise per day (but the more the better)

Luke Whitcomb

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Chronic noise exposure isn't just bad for your hearing — it's also bad for your heart

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Living next to a busy highway could keep stress hormones chronically elevated, damaging the body

High-altitude cycling strains your heart less than running

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New research explores hypoxia and exercise performance

Stress hormones and mitochondrial health determine who will lose muscle after surgery

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New research uncovers the cellular and genetic risk factors of post-surgery muscle loss

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Instead of a colonoscopy, a new screen tests poop for colorectal cancer-related bacteria

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Testing for the bacterium Parvimonas micra in stool may present an alternative to a colonoscopy

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