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Immunology and Microbiology

University of Montreal

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The 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak is serious, but we are getting the response to it right

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In 2002, the SARS outbreak surprised the world. The global response to 2019-nCoV has taken that lesson to heart

Mackenzie Thornbury

60% of astronauts test positive for active herpes virus in space

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Something about space brings out cold sores - what does it mean for people on Earth?

Mackenzie Thornbury

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In the future, illnesses might be diagnosed with viral lasers

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Scientists have engineered viruses to emit a pulse of light, making them easily traceable

When a narwhal mom and a beluga dad love each other very much...

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Skull morphology suggested it, and DNA sequencing confirms it: narlugas are real

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Bacteria from our guts have the tools to solve blood bank shortages

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The discovery of a new enzyme system that can convert type A blood into type O blood could ease strain on universal donors and transform healthcare

Lauren Sara McKee

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