Beautiful animations exploring the limits of our knowledge

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How can life and intelligence emerge from chaos?

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Watch the second episode of our animated Frankenstein series, Reanimation!

▶︎ 4:10

Where is the boundary between life and death?

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Take a closer look at the differences between life and death – and humans and nature

▶︎ 2:33

The risks and rewards of genetic engineering, animated

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Pioneering biologist David Baltimore on the ethical quandary of engineering 'cures'

▶︎ 1:53

Physicist Max Tegmark explains why AI will help humanity flourish

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"There's no law of physics that says we can't build machines more intelligent than we are"

▶︎ 1:58

Will it ever be possible to measure subjective experience?

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A animated journey into the questions of consciousness posed by Christof Koch and David Chalmers

▶︎ 1:34

Dreaming and wakefulness are two ways of being yourself

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The definition of consciousness is harder to pin down than you might think, argues cognitive neuroscientist Elizaveta Solomonova.

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The sublime, dark depths of the unknown universe, animated

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How do you visualize something that, by definition, can’t be seen?