About Massive

Are you science-curious?

That’s not a rhetorical question. Some people just can’t stop wondering. They take immense pleasure just from the act of learning more about the world. Researchers call this trait science curiosity, and it appears to be evenly spread throughout the population, independent of age, class, gender, race, or political affiliation.

Massive is the first community built specifically with these folks in mind. We started with the most science-curious of all – scientists themselves – by teaching them how to talk about their work in ways everyone can understand and enjoy. Our community of scientists is now over 100 members strong (and growing), and they want to discuss our strange and wonderful universe with other science-curious people. People like you.

Join us in creating new ways to learn about the world.

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This is just the beginning. Over time, we plan to build new ways for you to connect and interact with this community – from online Q&As to live events to real, distributed research experiments you can participate in at home and beyond.

If you’re a scientist interested in working with us, head over to our application page for more info or emails us at partners@massivesci.com.

Our Team

Massive was founded by a team with diverse backgrounds in science, media and design who came together over a shared belief that everyone should be able to understand and participate in science.

Gabe Stein, CEO // gabe@massivesci.com

Previously: Heleo, Upworthy, Fast Company, Google, Ogilvy

Nadja Oertelt, Chief Content Officer // nadja@massivesci.com

Previously: Mashable, HarvardX, Buzzfeed, MIT

Allan Lasser, CTO // allan@massivesci.com

Previously: Muckrock

Kira Goldenberg, Editorial Director // kira@massivesci.com

Previously: The Guardian, CJR, Patch