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Rapid DNA sequencing of unknown bacteria helps doctors choose which antibiotics to treat it with

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This could cut treatment time from days to hours and decrease overall antibiotic use

Allison J Matthews

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Pancreatic cancer hides from the immune system by destroying the cell’s danger signal

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Stopping the cancer cells from degrading the signal shrunk the tumors

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DNA from a mummified bishop's lungs shows tuberculosis infected humans only recently

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New research resolves a scientific debate about when tuberculosis became established in humans

Amanda Rossillo

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The genes of 600-year-old ginkgo trees are just as active as their teenage counterparts

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Ancient trees reveal the secret to their virtual immortality

Luyi Cheng

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Sometimes they make food ferment, but used in the right way, these bacteria can also be a preservative

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Lactic acid bacteria produce antibiotic-like compounds that kill off potentially harmful contaminants

Lauren Gandy

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