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How seven cases of a mysterious opioid-induced disease revolutionized Parkinson's research

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In the early 1980s, seven people took synthetic heroin. What happened next drastically changed our understanding of Parkinson's disease, and how to treat it

Anna Wernick

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Having trouble sleeping? Look to the moon for answers

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New research shows that our circadian rhythms are guided by the moon as well as the sun

New imaging technique follows antibiotics directly into tuberculosis-infected cells

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Tuberculosis requires a 6-12 month treatment course, and now scientists know why

A protein variant inherited from Neanderthals protects people from severe COVID-19

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The protein in question activates enzymes in our cells that degrade RNA

Did humans ever hibernate to survive harsh winters?

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Fossil evidence from Spain suggests early humans may have hibernated for up to four months at a time

Tasmanian devils are changing their behavior to avoid giving each other cancer

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Devil facial tumor disease has proved disastrous for these animals

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COVID-19 is setting back the lives and careers of young scientists

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How two graduate students are navigating science and graduation through a pandemic

Francesco Zangari

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Brain banks are key to understanding COVID's mysterious symptoms, but only if people are willing to donate

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Some COVID-19 patients experience dizziness, loss of smell and even seizures, but we need brain donations from patients and healthy controls to understand why.

Kathryn Vaillancourt

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Scientists put visions of letters in blind people's brains

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Stimulating the brain in specific ways can generate mental images of simple shapes

Meredith Schmehl

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