Anthony Warmack

Environmental Science

Oregon State University

My name is Anthony and I am a researcher, grad student, & work for the University of Illinois Extension as part of the 4-H/Youth Development program staff. I wade in streams, hike, ask lots of questions & try to find the answers! My research interests include the intersection between people & the environment, agricultural sciences, youth development, & scientific interpretation. I do science because I want others to enjoy the outdoors as much as I do & to make the world better for my family. When I'm not researching, you can find me hiking, taking photos, or playing board games.

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Artificial lights are disrupting firefly mating, putting them on the road to extinction

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Light pollution impacts mating success and courtship behavior in fireflies, says recent study

Anthony Warmack

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How radar can track fireworks, according to a meteorologist

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It is the same technique that they use to look for tornado debris while monitoring severe weather

Why we shouldn't write off nuclear power

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Despite radiation fears, changing to nuclear power could prevent millions of air pollution-associated deaths

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, the stories of two Jewish scientists

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There were over six million Jews, allies and collaborators who were persecuted and murdered by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust

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Melting sea ice gives phytoplankton the space to pump out cloud-forming gasses

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With warming temperatures, microscopic plankton are creating big clouds that could further affect Arctic temperatures

Elisa Bonnin

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Fights are good for science. Just ask Elizabeth Nolan or Louis Pasteur

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Disagreements over Nolan's findings on slowing down bacteria are just part of a healthy scientific process

Lauren Gandy

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