Namrata Iyer


Brown University

My name is Namrata and I’m a microbiologist. I find it fascinating how organisms we can’t even see, be it viruses or bacteria, can have such a profound influence on our lives. I started off working with infectious pathogens during my PhD. As a postdoctoral fellow at Brown University, I’ve transitioned from looking at pathogens to bacteria that are regular inhabitants of the gut aka the gut microbiome. Apart from research, I really enjoy teaching and writing and having fun conversations with people about all things interesting.

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Can the right microbes really solve all your health problems?

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A microbiologist explains the latest gut science

Namrata Iyer

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A breathing tube through the butt could be an alternative to mechanical ventilators

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Inspired by animals that breathe through their butts, scientists show that mammals can also harness the incredible breathing ability of our butts

Simon Spichak

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The butyrate produced by your gut bugs is good for your health

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Gut bacteria make butyrate when they break down resistant starches. But the science of how you can boost it is proving to be personal

Elise Cutts

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Instead of a colonoscopy, a new screen tests poop for colorectal cancer-related bacteria

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Testing for the bacterium Parvimonas micra in stool may present an alternative to a colonoscopy

Manisha Roy

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