Sruthi Sanjeev Balakrishnan

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Snails are turning yellow to adapt to climate change

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Science-loving citizens helped researchers look at how urban environments affect snails

We have many tools in the fight against antibiotic resistance, and we should consider not using them

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New studies hold promise for treating tuberculosis — but also suggest that sometimes the best course of action in treating infections is no action

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Should the age of humans have a geologic name?

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And how will Earth's history remember us?

Rebecca Dzombak

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Science has a garbage problem. Why aren't recycling schemes more popular?

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Research institutions need to reflect on their attitudes toward plastic waste and make sustainability a priority in laboratories

Simone Eizagirre

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Scientists tried to replicate a provocative gene editing paper in real-time, and documented it on Twitter

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A study linking an edited CCR5 gene with dying young didn't pass the smell test

Alison Koontz

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Neurons and cancer cells are a dangerous duo

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New research finds that neurons migrate from the brain to infiltrate cancer cells, and that targeting this process is a promising new method of attack on cancer.

Claudia Lopez-Lloreda

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