Sukalp Muzumdar

Molecular Biology

ETH Zurich

I'm a grad student in molecular and translational biomedicine

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Could heat improve the immune system's response to cancer?

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Scientists are applying old ideas in more inexpensive and precise ways

Sukalp Muzumdar

Alternative medicine should be subject to scientific rigor, too

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We need science, not hype, to hunt for ideas in traditional medicine

Sukalp Muzumdar

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Step away from the immunosuppressant drugs — antibodies are on the case!

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New research in mice suggests that using, not suppressing, the body's defenses against intruders is a promising avenue for treating autoimmune diseases

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Why there probably won't be a 'magic bullet' for cancer

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Researchers increasingly view the disease as a sprawling, evolving metropolis of cells

Joshua Peters

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Scientists are recruiting live bacteria to fight deadly infections

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A study in rural India is raising hopes for a future without antibiotics

Devang Mehta

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