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Cell Biology

I am a cell biologist and science communicator with a love for all things related to biotechnology and beyond. I have a particular interest in the fields of cell therapies and personalized medicine.

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CRISPR nanoparticles are the next big hope in Alzheimer’s disease treatments

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Nearly 6 million Americans live with Alzheimer's disease without solid treatment options.

Tara Fernandez

'Orphan drugs' are ascendant. What will that mean for people with rare diseases?

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Niche drugs may be good for companies, but that doesn't mean they'll reach sufferers

Tara Fernandez

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The secret to longevity may lie in a gene called REST

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Centenarians were found to have almost double the amounts of REST in their neurons, as compared with those who only lived to their seventies

Shapeshifting hydrogels with CRISPR inside rearrange on command and interface with our bodies

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Programmable CRISPR-responsive smart materials, like DNA hydrogels, are much more likely to become game-changers in our lifetimes

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Here's why many CRISPR/Cas9 experiments could be wrong – and how to fix them

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Researchers assumed that CRISPR was turning off genes. They shouldn't have

Nicholas McCarty

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Scientists are growing mini-intestines that stretch and bulge just like the real thing

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This could lead to developments in personalized medicine and treatment of chronic intestinal diseases

Juliann Tefft

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