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University of Nottingham

I am a 4th-year PhD student in Sustainable Chemistry. I am very active on social media as a science communicator and advocating for mental health, equality, diversity in science. Find more on my website,

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A new combination of DNA, metal, and light could revolutionize drug discovery

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A new method is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than traditional processes

Teresa Ambrosio

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Newly designed copper nanocubes allow chemists to break down carbon dioxide through a simple chemical reaction

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This development should make chemistry and industry a little greener

Researchers optimized a reaction involving DEAD to reduce chemical waste

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The Mitsunobu reaction is key to using alcohols in organic chemistry, but it also generates considerable chemical waste

Scientists have created the first-ever 18-carbon ring, a major feat of molecular architecture

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They used electric currents and high-resolution microscopes to remove individual oxygen atoms from a larger carbon molecule

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The 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak is serious, but we are getting the response to it right

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In 2002, the SARS outbreak surprised the world. The global response to 2019-nCoV has taken that lesson to heart

Mackenzie Thornbury

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Technology has made it easier to fake scientific results. Is a cultural shift required to fix the problem?

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Paper retractions and image duplications are a symptom of a much larger problem

Bhavya Singh

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Lead poisoning hits low-income children harder than their affluent neighbors

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Children living in poverty suffer greater cognitive and physical effects from lead exposure than children from richer families, even if they live in the same area

Claudia López Lloreda

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