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Here's what some of our members have to say…

My last academic paper was a publishing nightmare, bridging two fields. Massive gave me the tools I needed to tell research story simultaneously to these two very different audiences, & led to the paper's acceptance.

Kelsey Lucas

Physiology, Marine Biology, and Ecology

University of Michigan

Exciting news, a university press editor reached out to me after seeing the hype about my Massive animal research article... and now I'm writing a book proposal for a short book on advice for young neuroscientists 😎

Ashley Juavinett


UC San Diego

Being taught to think about science from the vantage of a storyline has been really helpful, both in my writing and at the bench as well.

Benjamin Bell


Johns Hopkins University

So many great scientists from different fields working together gives us all a chance to learn stuff (and read papers) we'd never otherwise come across in our professional careers.

Devang Mehta


University of Alberta

Not only has Massive improved my ability to translate science in a meaningful way, but they have opened interdisciplinary dialogues on important issues, and expanded my scientific knowledge in disciplines that I know less about

Ellen Stuart-Haëntjens

Ecology and Biogeochemistry

Virginia Commonwealth University

Frankly, the training and feedback has matured and sharpened my written communication overall. I've learned to approach writing as this dynamic process intertwining inspiration and razor sharp succinctness, and this has proven SO valuable beyond scicomm.

Anna Robuck

Marine Science

University of Rhode Island

The process was quick, collaborative, and enlightening. I continue to use the skills I learned from the Massive team when both writing and speaking to members of the general public.

Michael F. Wells


Harvard University

Working with @massivesci has been amazing. I've recently decided that after finishing my PhD I'd like to pursue a career in writing and editing rather than academics, and the great experience I've had with Massive has definitely given me encouragement to pursue that.

Jerald Pinson


University of Florida

I feel very lucky to have written for @massivesci. Going through their editorial process is a great learning experience for scientists. The community is also fantastic, curating news articles and interesting studies, and lending perspective.

Kevin Pels

Chemical Biology

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute