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Great news! Beer might have some health benefits!

Scientists found molecules in hops that improve metabolism. Cheers!

The next therapeutic frontier may be in your gut

Scientists are trying to harness the microbiome for healing

Could a virus with a sweet tooth become a weapon against cancer?

Researchers harnessed a virus' natural behavior to attack tumors

Ketogenetic dieting aids look too good to be true because they are

For the love of all that is starchy, there is no shortcut to weight loss

CAR-T could revolutionize cancer treatment. It can also be fatal

Nearly 70 years after the invention of chemotherapy, new treatments still come with dangerous risks

Chewing gum could detect disease in saliva and deliver results via taste

Forget wearables, the hottest tech around is chewables

Why you shouldn't worry about the bacteria in your sponges

Remember that study about the 'dangerous' bacteria hiding in your kitchen sponge? Not so fast

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Saliva is just what we needed to create a new malaria vaccine

The mistake mosquitos made? Leaving their spit behind

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Pulling all-nighters may damage your brain

New research suggests bad sleep causes a build-up of plaque associated with Alzheimer's

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Billionaires are rushing into biotech. Inequality is following them into science

'Free-market philanthropy' raises yet more questions about the future of American public research

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The secret to sounder sleep may be lurking in our guts

New research shows that stressed med students on probiotics got better shut-eye

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How gut bacteria manipulates your immune system – by mimicking it

Scientists are discovering how microbes 'speak' with the body

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Scientists are recruiting live bacteria to fight deadly infections

A study in rural India is raising hopes for a future without antibiotics

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We know how to fight wildfires effectively. Why don't we do it?

Prescribed burns lessen the damage, but the risk repels lawmakers

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We know terrifyingly little about how our bodies respond to pollutants, but that's changing

Fish DNA can change in response to pollution. What about the rest of us?

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