Katherine McCormick

Quantum Physics

University of Washington

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An unexpected green afterglow helped a storm chaser discover a new lightning phenomenon

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"Sprites" can lead to new insights about lightning storm dynamics

Katherine McCormick

The key to unlocking a glacier's past is a chainsaw and some quantum mechanics

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The layers that are so useful in dating the glaciers are disappearing because of climate change, so scientists are finding new ways to date glaciers

Katherine McCormick

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Why is this nebula shaped like a butterfly?

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A physicist dives into the science behind a new Hubble photo

If you're trying to catch an atom, try bending Heisenberg's uncertainty principle a little

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Study author describes how quantum mechanics can be used to enhance the precision of measurements — and how other fields can benefit too

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How a balloon flying over Antarctica made parallel universes tabloid fodder

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No, scientists did not discover evidence for a parallel universe in the Antarctic ice

Eleni Petrakou

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Lead poisoning hits low-income children harder than their affluent neighbors

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Children living in poverty suffer greater cognitive and physical effects from lead exposure than children from richer families, even if they live in the same area

Claudia López Lloreda

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Melting sea ice gives phytoplankton the space to pump out cloud-forming gasses

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With warming temperatures, microscopic plankton are creating big clouds that could further affect Arctic temperatures

Elisa Bonnin

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