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Announcing our Photon Fellows!

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Gabriela Serrato Marks

Marine Geology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Two Photon and Massive partnered up to fund science writing training for a small group of new writers. We were thrilled to have over 100 applicants, though we wish we could fund everyone! We ended up with 12 Photon Fellows, each with their own perspectives and areas of expertise. Look out for their articles coming soon. 

Photon Fellows

Adriana Romero-Olivares

Ana Maria Porras

Ashlei Milligan

Carina Seah

Claudia Lopez

Elaine Shen

Fiona McEnany

Ive Velikova

Jose Liquet y Gonzalez

Lucie Descamps

Mackenzie Thornbury

Shalise Couvertier

Look for this banner on Photon Fellows' articles!