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New collaboration with Two Photon

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Gabriela Serrato Marks

Marine Geology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Two Photon, a small company that makes science art. In addition to creating enamel pins, jewelry, and other cool products, they also provide small grants for people starting new science communication projects. 

As you probably know, members of the Massive consortium write two articles for publication during their training. These first two articles are unpaid, which is where Two Photon comes in! They'll be providing grants for a small group of prospective writers with little or no previous experience to participate in Massive's science writing training. Two Photon grantees, known as Photon Fellows, will be paid for their first two training articles, which will make it possible for them to participate without doing any unpaid work. If you're interested in being one of the writers supported by Two Photon, join our consortium! If the sign up fee is a barrier to your participation, send us an email at We're really looking forward to the articles that come out of this partnership.

We're also stocking a few Two Photon items in the Massive Science Shop! Check out the purple brain pins, Scientist necklaces, flask pins, and Science is for Everyone pins (click the giant brain picture below). And don't forget to pre-order a science tarot deck soon! All the proceeds from our shop go back into supporting our mission.

Massive and Two Photon have a lot in common: we both have small teams that appreciate science and art equally and believe science is for everyone. Thanks for supporting both of us!

pink brain enamel pin

Two Photon