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Some spooky Halloween Archaeology facts from Massive Consortium member Darcy Shapiro

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Darcy Shapiro

Evolutionary Anthropology

Rutgers University

💀 You can estimate a person’s age from their skeleton (specifically, from how many/which bones have fused growth plates) — and the more skeletal bones you have, the better your age estimate! 

🧛🏼‍♂️ Bioarchaeologists recently excavating a 17th-18th century cemetery in Poland have found graves of “suspected vampires” — people the locals interred with iron sickles or with rocks under their chins, to keep them from rising and feeding on the living. 

🔪 Paleoanthropologists have found cut-marked Neanderthal bones at a number of Neanderthal sites. The placement of these marks suggests that individuals were dismembered and de-fleshed — a likely indicator of cannibalism. 

👻 Happy Halloween! 🎃