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The Ever Given and the physics of big ships clogged the Suez Canal

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Wider and wider container ships carry more cargo but are extremely difficult to steer in tight spaces like a canal

Margaux Lopez

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Think twice before you ice after an injury

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Applying ice to a sprained ankle or wrist decreases blood flow to the area for longer than previously thought

Two mistakes by a pair of astronomers expanded our knowledge of dying stars

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Wade and Hjellming were initially looking for red supergiants. They didn't find them, but that doesn't mean they failed

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How dark is outer space? The New Horizons spacecraft is helping astronomers find out

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Measurements from beyond Pluto shed light on the "fossil record" of our universe

Briley Lewis

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Immunocompromised people must be a priority in the COVID-19 vaccination effort

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Vaccinating immunocompromised people will both protect their health and slow viral evolution

Francesco Zangari

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Stem cells can give new life to ovaries and potentially restore fertility

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Stem cells enhanced ovarian function and egg retrieval in patients with premature ovarian insufficiency

Ivana Marisa da Costa Martins

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