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Cell Biology and Developmental Biology

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A bacterium that causes food-borne illness grows flagella under stressful conditions

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Escheria albertii, a cousin of E. coli, has been implicated in past food-borne illness outbreaks

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Racial injustice causes Black Americans to age faster than whites

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The "weathering hypothesis" explains higher rates of chronic disease and infant mortality

Nicole Van Groningen

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Two mini microscopes watched a mouse’s brain move its body in real time

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The NINscope will help researchers uncover how neurons in different regions of the brain interact with each other

Sruthi Sanjeev Balakrishnan

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Shy sea lions may have a better shot at survival than their rambunctious siblings

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Shier pups exhibited more variation in their behavior, a sign of an ability to adapt

Fernanda Ruiz Fadel

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Fungi learn how to cope with drought, but at a cost

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Understanding what climate change will do to belowground ecosystems helps us predict what will happen aboveground, too

Matthew Vandermeulen

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Every flood drives destructive Asian carp further into North American waters

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Carp can starve out native fish by eating all their food supplies and taking over breeding grounds

Olivia Box

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Scientists recreated ancient Earth's ocean hell to figure out how life began

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The experiment also suggests that extraterrestrial life could also emerge on Mars, Europa, and Enceladus

Shi En Kim

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Climate change will make allergy sufferers suffer a little bit longer each year

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Data from 17 Northern Hemisphere locations indicates that plants are releasing more pollen and for a longer period of time as the globe warms

Lila Westreich

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All conferences should be virtual in a post-coronavirus world

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For accessibility, financial, and environmental reasons, it just makes sense

Adam Fortais

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Scientists have revised the recipe for the first gene and the origin of life

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New research finds that arabinonucleic acids accelerate RNA formation, making the RNA world hypothesis more plausible

Lauren Gandy

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60% of astronauts test positive for active herpes virus in space

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Something about space brings out cold sores - what does it mean for people on Earth?

Mackenzie Thornbury

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