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Physical Chemistry

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Chemistry detectives figured out how to best preserve and display Edvard Munch's The Scream

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New research suggests a better way to store deteriorating paintings

Rosaria Cercola

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CO2 sucked out of the atmosphere can be reused for new chemical processes

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It can be converted into methanol, then used in resins and polymers

Rosaria Cercola

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Scientists are building a machine to recreate fusion inside of the Sun's core

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The first of 18 powerful magnets needed for the machine, called ITER, was just completed

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Bats' unique immune systems make them stealthy viral reservoirs

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These ecologically important animals have been at the center of many major viral outbreaks, and we are beginning to understand why

Marnie Willman

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The 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak is serious, but we are getting the response to it right

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In 2002, the SARS outbreak surprised the world. The global response to 2019-nCoV has taken that lesson to heart

Mackenzie Thornbury

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