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  • Devang Mehta


    University of Alberta

    I’m using genome editing to understand how plants regulate their genes in response to changing environments. I also trying to find out if we can apply this knowledge to fine-tune plant metabolism to create better crops

  • Jackie Grimm

    Molecular Biology

    Princeton University

    I study how Gram-negative bacteria build their outer membranes, which is interesting because the compartment between the inner and outer membranes, the periplasm, lacks any conventional source of energy.

  • Marco Giovannetti

    Plant Biology

    Gregor Mendel Institute

    I’m in love with the plant world since almost 10 years. And when I say plant world, I mean the plants and the microorganisms living together. Since 2016, my postdoc project at Gregor Mendel Institute, in Vienna, combines high throughput root phenotyping and Genome Wide Association Studies on different plant species with the aim of putting together some pieces of the phosphate puzzle.

  • Gabriela Serrato Marks

    Marine Geology

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    I’m a PhD candidate in marine geology at MIT. I use stalagmites to create past climate records that provide context for future climate change.

  • Dan Samorodnitsky


    Carnegie Mellon University

    My name's Dan. I'm a biochemist. I used to work on DNA-binding proteins (similar to Cas9, but not Cas9). After that I worked on prion diseases, like Mad Cow and Chronic Wasting Disease. Now I work on sea urchins, studying how they grow skeletons. If you’ll just let me fumble with this easel for a moment I’ll explain.