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The most pressing issues in science illuminated by the perspectives of those who know them best: working scientists

Has evolution changed? Asking experts how Darwin's theories hold up in modern science

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"Reading Darwin even today, one is struck by how effortlessly he 'filled the blanks'"

Rita Ponce, Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal

Neandertals don't deserve their bad, dim-witted reputation

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Brittany Kenyon-Flatt, North Carolina State University

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Volcano diplomacy and the future of eruption predictions: the life of a volcanologist

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NASA petrologist Kayla Iacovino on her life studying volcanoes and being a Star Trek fanatic

Gabriela Serrato Marks, Massive Science

The 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak is serious, but we are getting the response to it right

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In 2002, the SARS outbreak surprised the world. The global response to 2019-nCoV has taken that lesson to heart

Mackenzie Thornbury, University of Montreal

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Can AI help diagnose depression? It's a long shot

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Alejandra Canales, University of Wisconsin - Madison

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