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The most pressing issues in science illuminated by the perspectives of those who know them best: working scientists

Scientists have shown the perfect way to make pancakes, and that has huge implications

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Some science is labeled "silly" by the media and politicians, but don't be fooled — simple research is extremely important

Molly Sargen, Harvard University

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Alternative medicine could treat our maladies, but we have to study it

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It is sorely lacking in rigorous scientific research

Song-My Hoang, University of Pittsburgh

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Great minds think differently - supporting neurodiversity benefits scientific progress

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Susanna Harris, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Juan Pablo Ruiz, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Who owns your cells?

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Sarah Kearns, University of Michigan

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Why fieldwork is still crucial for science research

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Cassie Freund, Wake Forest University

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Why science education for seniors is a boon for them – and for everyone else

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Scientific literacy for the elderly has a host of societal benefits

Brianna Bibel, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Billionaires are rushing into biotech. Inequality is following them into science

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Joshua Peters, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Plants are not conscious, whether you can 'sedate' them or not

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Devang Mehta, University of Alberta

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BRCA genes are more complicated than most people think

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Genes long considered risk factors are about much more than cancer: they help DNA repair

Rachel Aronoff, Molecular Microbiology

My 'basic' fruit fly research could help save lives

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Politicians like Sarah Palin love to mock it, but here's why we should all support 'basic' research

Gregory Logan-Graf, Carnegie Mellon University

Why you shouldn't worry about the bacteria in your sponges

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Remember that study about the 'dangerous' bacteria hiding in your kitchen sponge? Not so fast

Kevin Pels, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

We need to change the way we think about alcoholism

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David Haggerty, Indiana University School of Medicine