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The most pressing issues in science illuminated by the perspectives of those who know them best: working scientists

Science has to do better for its queer, trans, and non-binary scientists

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More needs to be done by cisgender people in the field, and it needs to be done now

Lila Leatherman


Oregon State University

The Graduate Research Fellowship Program favors elite schools – again

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The early-career grants, meant to boost diversity, end up perpetuating disparities

Kelsey Lucas

Physiology, Marine Biology, and Ecology

Harvard University

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Rand Paul's bill to stop 'silly' science would stifle research, innovation, and the economy

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The senator has backed a bill that would let political appointees and "taxpayer advocates" cut research

Gregory Logan-Graf

Cell Biology

Carnegie Mellon University

This biologist believes we should embrace human gene editing

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It could free millions from preventable, predetermined suffering

Devang Mehta


University of Alberta