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Why is the carbon tax, after years of debate, no longer popular in Washington?

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Once embraced from ExxonMobil to Bernie Sanders, the carbon tax has been cast aside by both parties — for different reasons

Shannon Osaka

Scientists discover brain cells that remember where escape routes are

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Samuel J Walker, Harvard Medical School

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How safe is the DNA in your poop from unwanted snooping?

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Sewer systems can signal outbreaks before they start. If you're worried, poop is safe as long as it's in the right hands

Jennifer Tsang, Microbiology

How did human butts evolve to look that way?

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An evolutionary anthropologist tackles the mystery of the butt

Darcy Shapiro, Rutgers University

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Wildfires are burning with an intensity that microbial communities haven’t evolved to endure

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As desertification threatens, synthetic biologists are pondering new ways of helping soil heal

Kaitlin Sullivan

New research uses CRISPR gene editing to grow new neurons in diseased brains

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Sahana Sitaraman, National Centre for Biological Sciences, India

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