Designer Genes

Genetic engineering is one of the most fascinating corners of scientific inquiry right now, but the headlines you see daily aren't telling the full story. So, we asked scientists on the cutting edge to share their perspectives on the breakthroughs that will shape our future.

Bioengineered yeast can produce the active ingredients of marijuana better than the plant

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Now, new and rare THCs and CBDs may be on the horizon

Sarah Laframboise, University of Ottawa

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Why I'm quitting GMO research

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Devang Mehta, University of Alberta

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Earth's weirdest creatures are genetic treasure chests

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Joshua Peters, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Lab-grown leather and spider silk are the future of your wardrobe

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Abrahim El Gamal, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

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How CRISPR proteins work together to capture foreign DNA

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Alireza Edraki, University of Massachusetts Medical School

The breakthrough behind those 'pure blue' chrysanthemums was pure luck

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Sometimes, the most delightful findings are the most unexpected

Andrew Scarpelli, National Louis University