Building Bodies

Scientific innovation is transforming healthcare—one of the places innovation is most urgently needed. Learn about how we're fighting cancer, augmenting humans, and building the future human.

The right kind of post-stroke experience can rewire the brain for long-term recovery

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It's better to learn to use the damaged side again instead of working around it

Taylor Clark

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Neurons and cancer cells are a dangerous duo

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Claudia Lopez-Lloreda, University of Pennsylvania

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Bacteria from our guts have the tools to solve blood bank shortages

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Lauren Sara McKee, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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Saliva is just what we needed to create a new malaria vaccine

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The mistake mosquitos made? Leaving their spit behind

Hannah Thomasy, University of Washington

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Here's how to avoid outliving your own bones

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Emily Atkinson, Indiana University School of Medicine

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Scientists are recruiting live bacteria to fight deadly infections

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Devang Mehta, University of Alberta

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We're beginning to understand the 'tumor microenvironment' that makes cancer so resilient

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The cellular processes that help tumors thrive in the body are a promising new target for cancer treatments

Danny Jomaa, University of Ottawa

Can scientists learn from the stock market to eradicate HIV?

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HIV is tricky to fight because the virus changes so much. That reminded researchers of something else that fluctuates frequently.

Kasra Zarei, University of Iowa