Climactic Change

Climate change is no longer an open question—for researchers today, it's a baseline assumption. How these changes will impact ecosystems, public health, and our future are now the questions we need to ask.

Biodiversity loss is the very real end of the world and no one is acting like it

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Radical, wholesale change is needed right this second and cannot be delayed

Cassie Freund


Wake Forest University

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These corals love the warming oceans

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Japanese coral communities are expanding in response to warming temperatures, but the effects could be disastrous

Gina Mantica


Tufts University

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Tree-murdering fungi and insects increasingly contribute to climate change

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New research suggests carbon dioxide released from dying forests equals emissions from 11 million cars


Ecology and Biogeochemistry

Virginia Commonwealth University

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Creationism helped push climate skepticism into classrooms

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Science education has become a political issue, but civic engagement can still work wonders


Polar Science

University of Texas at Austin

It's time to stop excluding people with disabilities from science

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You can be a great scientist without being able to carry a 50-pound backpack out of a cave

Gabriela Serrato Marks

Marine Geology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Life is evolving through a hurricane of human pollution

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Animals are adapting to pollutants in surprising and often costly ways

Brittney Borowiec

Environmental Physiology

McMaster University

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Conservationists can't tackle all of the ocean's problems at once, so scientists are helping them triage

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The ocean contains many vulnerable ecosystems that need protecting. So where should we start?

Abrahim El Gamal

Marine Chemical Biology

Scripps Institution of Oceanography