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Want to learn how brains go awry? First, we must learn how they work

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We set out to make neurons deep in the brain glow bright so we could see their role in vision

Ashley Juavinett, UC San Diego

Meet a scientist: David Haggerty, who hates working with mice but does it anyway

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"I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on with my own life."

David Haggerty, Indiana University School of Medicine

Gabe Stein

We've poured thousands of manmade chemicals into the ocean. Now they're mixing in unpredictable ways.

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We're just starting to learn about the effects of POP soup and what we can do about it.

Anna Robuck, University of Rhode Island

Meet Sau Lan Wu, the physicist who helped discover three fundamental particles

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Most scientists spend their careers hoping for a single big discovery. Sau Lan Wu has had three and is still searching for more.

Massive Staff