Billionaires are rushing into biotech. Inequality is following them into science

'Free-market philanthropy' raises yet more questions about the future of American public research

Josh Peters

Biological Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Tracking the history โ€“ and future โ€“ of the world's largest penguin breeding colony

Climate change is upending migration patterns that predate Cleopatra

Brittney Borowiec

Environmental Physiology

McMaster University

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How to peacefully coexist with potentially dangerous species

Biodiversity keeps rabid vampire bats feeding on their natural prey โ€“ not on us

Hannah Thomasy


University of Washington


Meet Barbara McClintock, who used corn to decipher 'jumping genes'

Through meticulous crossbreeding, she showed that DNA is far more complicated than scientists originally thought

Yewande Pearse


LA Biomed


Mark Lynas on the complexity of disagreeing on GMOs

'I try to take people at face value in terms of what their objections are, and to not ascribe them with ill-intent'

Devang Mehta


University of Alberta

Why is it so hard for scientists to talk about leaving academia?

We should value scientists who transfer their skills

Prabarna Ganguly


Northeastern University

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Tree-murdering fungi and insects increasingly contribute to climate change

New research suggests carbon dioxide released from dying forests equals emissions from 11 million cars

Ellen Stuart-Haรซntjens

Ecology and Biogeochemistry

Virginia Commonwealth University

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How one invasive plant can change a rainforest

The mountain apple's entry into Indonesia a century ago still threatens biodiversity there

Cassie Freund


Wake Forest University

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Could a future cure for migraines come from a chance discovery in the past?

There may soon be an FDA-approved treatment for the intractable condition

Brianna Bibel


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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Meet Ynes Mexia, late-blooming botanist whose adventures rivaled Darwin's

Eighty years after her death, scientists are still processing the plants she collected

Gabriela Serrato Marks

Marine Geology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


As a scientist, sometimes I understand too much about my brother's cystic fibrosis

My knowledge of his disease can be helpful, but also supremely frustrating

Ben Marcus



How atmospheric dust might help cool the planet

New research suggests an old idea of geoengineering has more merit than long suspected

Elisa Bonnin


University of Washington


Justin Lawrence

Planetary Science

Georgia Institute of Technology

Neuroscientist Kale Edmiston on why biological bases of being trans shouldn't matter

'We should havenโ€™t to prove that weโ€™re really a certain gender in order to be treated like a person'

Ashley Juavinett


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory