Animal Friends

The animals we see every day are full of surprises. Here we explore animal behavior and biology — from cats and dogs to whales and beetles.

Animals, plants, and even some bacteria use hypodermic needles

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Needles are everywhere in nature, evolving independently many times in a variety of organisms

Hayden Waller, Cornell University

Songbirds might hold the key to managing our cholesterol levels

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Sahana Sitaraman, National Centre for Biological Sciences, India

Wild Goffin's cockatoos can use tools, too

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Fernanda Ruiz Fadel, Advanced Identification Methods GmbH

Tiny radio tags reveal the lives of Neotropical stingless bees

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These bees are small, but the tags are smaller

Lila Westreich, University of Washington

Declining populations mean young birds have no one to learn their songs from

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Young male Regent honeyeaters are picking up sounds from other bird species

Enzo M. R. Reyes, Massey University

Bats are born knowing the speed of sound

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Kristina Muise, University of Winnipeg

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Electric catfish are immune to their own shocks

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Exactly how these fish withstand electrical zaps remains unclear

Andrew Saintsing, University of California, Berkeley

Fruit flies have more sex when predatory wasps come around

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This weird predator-prey interaction appears to be reliant on one gene in particular

Rujuta Vaidya, Louisiana State University